Enow's Mailscape® is a unique and innovative systems management tool that assists in every aspect of monitoring, maintaining, load balancing and reporting across you r entire Exchange environment.®

Its unique digital dashboard provides real-time status and alerting across all t he vital aspects of your Exchange organization, enabling you to take aversive action and maintain optimum service levels according to site-defined thresholds.

View up-to-date status and reports and receive alerts wherever you are - even from your PDA.

Mailscape's advanced reporting (now includes over 200 standard reports plus the ability to create your own) lets you drill down into the details of your environment, including mailbox status, database loading, storage usage, white space status, service pack levels, external mail flow monitoring, etc.

Mailscape also lets you generate high-level management reports to support email service expansion, consolidation and upgrade decisions.

* Saves time by streamlining administrative, monitoring and maintenance tasks.

* Alerts you to problems before your users do.

* Monitors storage availability, white space growth & overall rate of growth

* Monitors message queues & sends alerts if critical services stop.

* Reports on mailboxes in a warning, prohibit send, or locked out state.

* Quickly generates reports that detail mailboxes per server/storage group/OU/database.

Mobile 'Phone Monitoring - Mailscape for monitoring the health and availability of your mission-critical mobile 'phone services, including BlackBerryand iPhone, is available now.


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