About JCS & Associates, Inc.

JCS & Associates, Inc. is a proven information systems security Value Added Reseller. From having achieved top sales leadership as McAfee's # 1 worldwide licensing agent in the early 90s, to attaining unrivaled success in the end-point, server and network security market, JCS & Associates, Inc. has sold, installed and deployed more endpoint, server and network security solutions than any other individual Value Added Reseller in North America. JCS & Associates, Inc's expertise helps the customer accelerate the evaluation, proof of concept and executive buy-in cycle for end-point, server and network security solutions. We understand the challenges, constraints and competitive landscape intimately, and can help guide you through the process with a minimal amount of headaches and hassles. And most importantly, our solutions scale and work in your environment as promised.

For more information, call 800-968-9527, access our web site at http://www.jcsaainc.com or e-mail us at info@jcsaainc.com.

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