Wolves, Sheep and Sheepdogs - A Leaders Guide to Information Security


The angles of attack in today's cyber security landscape evolve every moment. But even more ominous, there is no organization too small to escape being a target. However, there is an answer to these threats: a good sheepdog, alert to every danger and breach.

In Wolves, Sheep and Sheepdogs: A Leader's Guide to Information Security , authors Jim Shaeffer and John Cunningham use a powerful analogy to paint a vivid picture of both sides of the firewall. Whether you are a Board Member, investor, CEO or CISO you will gain a deeper understanding of the roles, characteristics, and motivations of both security professionals and the wolves they guard against.

Shaeffer and Cunningham have worked with scores of organizations and share some of their keenest insight to achieving an adaptive security mindset. In doing so, they create a common language for those in both information security and non-technical leadership positions. No matter your role, this book will help give your organization a cyber-security edge against the threats of today and tomorrow.



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